How to Get Rid of Cigarette Breath with Easy

Get Rid of Cigarette

No one wants to have such smelly breath. But for some people, bad or smelly breathing is already becoming a part of their lives simply because they are heavy smokers. So, what are the best things to do on how to get rid of cigarette breath? There are actually various natural ways to do this. These natural home solutions should be done on a daily basis to get the best result.

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Smoker Breath

You may ever wonder how smoke can produce bad breath. Well, here is the answer. All tobaccos and cigarettes contain toxins and chemicals that unfortunately make your mouth ideal breeding ground for many kinds of bacteria causing the bad breath. Nicotine contained in cigarette also gives terrible things to your dental hygiene. That is because it produces the certain type of oil that darkens the lips and gums and stains the teeth. Every time you smoke, your mouth will dry because the saliva stops flowing while the saliva is an important element as it cleanses your mouth. These multiple conditions lead to the proliferation of bacteria that causes the odor. And, here is how to get rid of smokers breath.

1. Regular teeth brushing

When you are a smoker, you should never forget to brush your teeth. You have to do it regularly at least twice a day. Brushing using quality toothpaste with an ideal amount of fluoride makes the easiest way to refresh the breath. At the same time, the fluoride also reduces the bacteria inside your mouth. However, brushing doesn’t get rid of the smelly breath entirely.

2. Avoid too much sugar

A smoker should not overeat refined sugar contained in drinks or foods. On what reason smokers should do that? Well, refine sugar promotes the cavities development which will make the breath much worse. So, make sure you avoid eating any kinds of sugary foods including soft drinks, cakes, candies, and cookies.

3. Eat veggies and fruits

The easy way to cover the bad breath after smoking is to eat. Instead of eating any foods, vegetables and fruits are the most recommended to eat. Both veggies and fruits can counter the smoke’s negative effects.

4. Use lemon slice

Are you a big fan of lemon? You have found one of the ideal solutions to bad breath then. Lemon contains various beneficial substances. In this case, smokers will benefit from one particular material found in the lemon. It is citric acid. This is a substance that becomes anti-bacterial property. It can also stimulate the production of salivary glands so there will be more saliva inside your mouth. With more saliva, your mouth will be cleaned more frequently. If you can handle the sour taste of lemon, just chew on it. But if you cannot, squeeze it and mix it with water before you drink it.

5. Chew on fennel seeds

Natural mouth freshener is fennel seed. What you need to do is simply chewing on it. It is a useful suppressor for bad breath although the effect only lasts for a limited amount. Apparently, it doesn’t just suppress bad breath but also acts as anti-bacterial properties to reduce the number of bacteria that cause odor. It is recommended to chew on it after you eat.

For daily use, you can also use the smokers breath spray beside using all the explained natural solutions. This product is widely available on the market. However, make sure to choose a product with less chemical substance. Now that you have acknowledged the available solutions to bad breath, your question on how to get rid of cigarette breath has certainly been answered.

Naturally Tea Tree Oil for Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

tea tree oil benefits

Have you ever heard about the natural benefits of tea tree oil for your skin? Surprisingly, tea tree oil is a beneficial natural substance that helps to get rid of certain skin issues. Among some of the proven benefits is the effectiveness of tea tree oil for stretch marks. The stretch marks issue is like a nightmare for women especially those who have just given birth to babies. This rather natural skin issue should not be something you take lightly. Stretch marks affect your physical appearance. It’s normal if you feel less confidence to use bikini or swimsuit when you have the marks on your body. So, your only option is to remove it.

When it comes to stretch marks removal, there are two different types of stretch marks treatment. They are clinical and natural removals. If you are not having problem with money, clinical removals give instant result. Meanwhile, natural removals require longer time. Tea tree oil is among the most effective natural solutions. The great thing about this oil is that it can be directly applied on your skin without diluting it in water. It can be great aromatherapy oil for massage. It makes a great massage session because this oil makes your body warm.

Tea tree oil is actually familiar for Australian aborigines because they have been using it for hundreds years. This natural substance has multiple medicinal uses. It acts as anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibiotic and more else. Not only does it treat common household ailments but also certain skin conditions. It is proven to be able to prevent any stretch marks with a regular use. The most recommended is tea tree oil from Australia.

Procedure in Applying Tea Tree Oil

Despite the easiness to use, there is recommended procedure to follow for the optimum result. Here is the step by step procedure to follow.

1. Clean the skin

The first you have to do is cleaning your skin around the stretch marks. This is necessary to make sure the tea tree oil will get absorbed much easier. It is better to use lukewarm water instead of cold water for better cleaning.

2. Gentle rub

When you clean the skin, you have to do it very gently to avoid any irritation. The ideal is light scrub repeated several times.

3. Dry excess water

Suppose you have done cleaning your skin, continue by drying the excess water. Make sure that your skin is completely dry. To do this, grab a clean towel and rub your skin gently with it.

4. Use cotton ball

What you have to do next is to grab a cotton ball or q-tip. It will be used to rub the tea tree oil on your skin.

5. Soak in the cotton ball

Soak the cotton ball in the tea tree oil. Make sure it is evenly soaked before you rub your skin with it. If you have wide stretch marks coverage, use more than one cotton ball.

6. Apply using cotton ball

Once the cotton ball is evenly soaked in the tea tree oil, use it to rub your skin with stretch marks. Do it very gently. Make sure you apply it on all the skin tag area. You can rub it several times to ensure the skin got rubbed with the oil.

7. Leave it

The last thing you have to do is to leave it for few hours until you have a shower. The best time to apply the tea tree oil is in the evening before you go to sleep. This way, you can leave it overnight before you have showered the next morning. With regular use for at least two months, you can see the difference that you have captured on photos of tea tree oil stretch marks before and after.

Compared to other treatments, the tea tree oil for stretch marks is the cheapest treatment. Therefore, there should be nothing for you to worry about to afford this treatment as it is very affordable.

4 Week Beginner Workout Tips You Need to Learn Now

4 week beginner workout plan

Many health experts suggest us to do regular exercise to keep our body in perfectly healthy condition. If you do not know how to start it, you can do the following 4 week beginner workout tips. Four weeks seems impossible to have a slim body. However, fitness trainers will say that it is actually possible to achieve. At first, it is always difficult to start the workout. Leaving comfortable place on your couches to start working out in a gym might be terrified. Once you get used to it, you can’t wait to start another workout.

Easy Workout Tips for Beginner

1. Make workout as your routine

Going to the gym is only the first step to getting healthy body. For some people, it is hard to do. Making it a habit on your daily routine is harder. Getting healthy body is not an easy process, particularly when you want to get in shape in four weeks. Make a schedule on what day you can go to the gym. If you are busy, try your best to spare time for it. Do not forget to make time for rest. Rest is as important as routine exercise.

2. Start small

The common mistake when starting the exercise is lifting more than you actually should. When it comes to beginner workout plan, it is highly recommended to start small. Your muscle needs to adapt with this new activity. Once you feel that you can handle it, you can go to the next level. Trying to lift heavy weight on the first day of the gym will make your muscle contracted too much. It will make your muscle feel sore at the end of the day.

3. Focus on one section

If you see other people exercising their muscle at the gym, you might be tempted to try what they do. Keep in mind that it is not their first day. As you can see, they are already working on an advanced level. They focus on different section of their body at once. You might think that doing what they do is a good idea since you use your four weeks efficiently. However, it is actually not. It is advisable to focus on particular section of your body instead of several sections at once.

4. Maintain good posture

Most workout tips for beginner recommends maintaining good posture during your workout. Do not hesitate to ask the trainer about good posture. A good position is necessary to avoid injury during your workout. The fitness center is a controlled environment. Equipment in it is engineered to prevent injuries. However, you still can get injury when using the equipment in incorrect position. You will end up using more energy than you should. The main good posture for using the tools is keeping your spine straight.

5. Do healthy diet

Consuming healthy food is also important to get perfect body shape. Some people neglected the importance of healthy diet. They are wondering why they still have fat in their body while they are going to fitness center regularly. The answer lies on the calorie of food they consume. You can start it with good water intake. Healthy foods such as vegetable and fruit are also recommended for it.

Four weeks is actually not a short time. Many things can happen to your body during this period. If you want to get positive change on your body, you need to do the workout regularly. It is advisable to join the fitness center membership. You can use all equipment they have to offer to help you achieve your desired body posture. Those are all you need to know about 4 week beginner workout tips you need to know.

How to Stay Healthy on Vacation


Many people escape the cold winter months with a vacation. Although winter getaways should be all about rest and relaxation, decadent meals and late nights out can leave you feeling worse than you did before you left. But with a little planning, you can return home healthy and happy and even hold on to that feeling.

Below are healthy strategies to add to your itinerary in order to stay fit and on your diet when on vacation:

Stay active. Yes, you’re on vacation, so taking a break from your normal excise is expected. However, seek out sightseeing activities that incorporate fitness, like a bike tour, a guided hike, walking along the beach, or skiing. This way you can have fun while sticking to your exercise routing.

Balance indulgences. Overindulging, aka vacation eating, can beat up your immune system and your diet. Instead of gorging yourself, try to balance it out. For example, the morning after a lavish dinner, have a broccoli omelet for breakfast instead of pastries.

Hydrate. Many people forget to drink water as often when they’re on vacation. This leads to all kinds of issues, such as dehydration, which can confuse your body into thinking you’re hungry when you’re really thirsty. If you’re vacationing in a warmer climate, you should be drinking more than you do at home. A great way to stay on top of hydration is to carry a water bottle with you at all times.

Eat smart. Before eating, drink a glass of water. Then begin lunch and dinner with a veggie-filled salad or broth-based soup. These tips can help you consume about 12 percent fewer calories. Throughout the meal drink water, which will help you feel full. Also, when at a restaurant, try not to fall into the trap of appetizer + entree + dessert. Instead, pick a light entree and split either the app or dessert with your group!

Sleep. The sleep cycle is often the first thing to get interrupted by travel, yet it’s the most essential to staying healthy. Pack lavender sachets and sniff them while on the plane or in your hotel — the aroma has been proven to promote relaxation and improve sleep quality.

And don’t forget the last, and most important, step: have fun!

5 Tips to Stay in Shape Holiday Season

fall exercise

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Regardless of a person’s sex or age or where they live, January 1st tends to be the day that people around the world make promises to eat better and get fit. Instead of waiting around a couple months to make resolutions that you may or may not keep, why not start improving your lifestyle now? Fall is perfect for new fitness plans and goals because it helps you set good habits for the holiday months to come.

Here are five ways to kick-start healthy living as fall sets in and the year winds down:

1. Use the weather to your advantage.

Fall months are often spent carving pumpkins, picking apples, and enjoying time outside in the leaves. This is the perfect time to exercise outside and take advantage of the cool, crisp air. Some activities you can do to benefit from the weather and beautiful fall scenery are walking, hiking, and cycling. You can also kill two birds with one stone by raking leaves or doing fall yard work. Both activities are a great way to burn calories and get your heart pumping.

2. Don’t just watch TV – get active!

If you are a big TV fanatic and look forward to watching your favorite series, come fall, incorporate exercise into your regular routine. Instead of vegging out in front of the tube, try running in place, lifting weights, doing standing lunges, or doing triceps dips off the couch, at least during commercials. An hour-long show, after all, has nearly 20 minutes of commercial time – and that’s time you could be utilizing to improve your health.

3. Find easy ways to exercise.

Without exercise, you can’t really be healthy; and you should incorporate it into your daily life. Besides the obvious suggestions like choosing a parking space at the far end of the lot, taking the stairs, or walking during break times, there are many other tips that you can try out. For example, if your kids have practiced for sport, try walking around the field while they practice instead of reading a book or talking to another parent. You can also move and get motivated at the same time by listening to inspirational music or motivational talks as you walk.

4. Remember for the 3 Cs.

Commitment, convenience, and consistency: these are the three Cs that will set in motion an effective fitness plan. Exercising takes commitment, so get over the “lack of time” issue and plan working out into your schedule. If you take a time to put it on your calendar, you will be more likely to do it. For convenience, choose a time where you will not be interrupted while doing an activity at home or going to a gym close by. Finally, for consistency, it is better to have a little bit of exercise time each day than a large chunk of time once a month.

5. Keep the 30-day rule in mind.

For the body to adapt to changes, it takes about four weeks; however many people give up on fitness plans within a month of starting. Even though it is much easier to hit the snooze button and stay in bed when it is darker and cooler, try to stick with your fitness program for at least a month so you can see results. After the first month, your body will have adapted, and it will be a lot easier to carry on with your exercise.

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