How to Get Rid of Cigarette Breath with Easy

Get Rid of Cigarette

No one wants to have such smelly breath. But for some people, bad or smelly breathing is already becoming a part of their lives simply because they are heavy smokers. So, what are the best things to do on how to get rid of cigarette breath? There are actually various natural ways to do this. These natural home solutions should be done on a daily basis to get the best result.

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Smoker Breath

You may ever wonder how smoke can produce bad breath. Well, here is the answer. All tobaccos and cigarettes contain toxins and chemicals that unfortunately make your mouth ideal breeding ground for many kinds of bacteria causing the bad breath. Nicotine contained in cigarette also gives terrible things to your dental hygiene. That is because it produces the certain type of oil that darkens the lips and gums and stains the teeth. Every time you smoke, your mouth will dry because the saliva stops flowing while the saliva is an important element as it cleanses your mouth. These multiple conditions lead to the proliferation of bacteria that causes the odor. And, here is how to get rid of smokers breath.

1. Regular teeth brushing

When you are a smoker, you should never forget to brush your teeth. You have to do it regularly at least twice a day. Brushing using quality toothpaste with an ideal amount of fluoride makes the easiest way to refresh the breath. At the same time, the fluoride also reduces the bacteria inside your mouth. However, brushing doesn’t get rid of the smelly breath entirely.

2. Avoid too much sugar

A smoker should not overeat refined sugar contained in drinks or foods. On what reason smokers should do that? Well, refine sugar promotes the cavities development which will make the breath much worse. So, make sure you avoid eating any kinds of sugary foods including soft drinks, cakes, candies, and cookies.

3. Eat veggies and fruits

The easy way to cover the bad breath after smoking is to eat. Instead of eating any foods, vegetables and fruits are the most recommended to eat. Both veggies and fruits can counter the smoke’s negative effects.

4. Use lemon slice

Are you a big fan of lemon? You have found one of the ideal solutions to bad breath then. Lemon contains various beneficial substances. In this case, smokers will benefit from one particular material found in the lemon. It is citric acid. This is a substance that becomes anti-bacterial property. It can also stimulate the production of salivary glands so there will be more saliva inside your mouth. With more saliva, your mouth will be cleaned more frequently. If you can handle the sour taste of lemon, just chew on it. But if you cannot, squeeze it and mix it with water before you drink it.

5. Chew on fennel seeds

Natural mouth freshener is fennel seed. What you need to do is simply chewing on it. It is a useful suppressor for bad breath although the effect only lasts for a limited amount. Apparently, it doesn’t just suppress bad breath but also acts as anti-bacterial properties to reduce the number of bacteria that cause odor. It is recommended to chew on it after you eat.

For daily use, you can also use the smokers breath spray beside using all the explained natural solutions. This product is widely available on the market. However, make sure to choose a product with less chemical substance. Now that you have acknowledged the available solutions to bad breath, your question on how to get rid of cigarette breath has certainly been answered.

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