Naturally Tea Tree Oil for Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

tea tree oil benefits

Have you ever heard about the natural benefits of tea tree oil for your skin? Surprisingly, tea tree oil is a beneficial natural substance that helps to get rid of certain skin issues. Among some of the proven benefits is the effectiveness of tea tree oil for stretch marks. The stretch marks issue is like a nightmare for women especially those who have just given birth to babies. This rather natural skin issue should not be something you take lightly. Stretch marks affect your physical appearance. It’s normal if you feel less confidence to use bikini or swimsuit when you have the marks on your body. So, your only option is to remove it.

When it comes to stretch marks removal, there are two different types of stretch marks treatment. They are clinical and natural removals. If you are not having problem with money, clinical removals give instant result. Meanwhile, natural removals require longer time. Tea tree oil is among the most effective natural solutions. The great thing about this oil is that it can be directly applied on your skin without diluting it in water. It can be great aromatherapy oil for massage. It makes a great massage session because this oil makes your body warm.

Tea tree oil is actually familiar for Australian aborigines because they have been using it for hundreds years. This natural substance has multiple medicinal uses. It acts as anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibiotic and more else. Not only does it treat common household ailments but also certain skin conditions. It is proven to be able to prevent any stretch marks with a regular use. The most recommended is tea tree oil from Australia.

Procedure in Applying Tea Tree Oil

Despite the easiness to use, there is recommended procedure to follow for the optimum result. Here is the step by step procedure to follow.

1. Clean the skin

The first you have to do is cleaning your skin around the stretch marks. This is necessary to make sure the tea tree oil will get absorbed much easier. It is better to use lukewarm water instead of cold water for better cleaning.

2. Gentle rub

When you clean the skin, you have to do it very gently to avoid any irritation. The ideal is light scrub repeated several times.

3. Dry excess water

Suppose you have done cleaning your skin, continue by drying the excess water. Make sure that your skin is completely dry. To do this, grab a clean towel and rub your skin gently with it.

4. Use cotton ball

What you have to do next is to grab a cotton ball or q-tip. It will be used to rub the tea tree oil on your skin.

5. Soak in the cotton ball

Soak the cotton ball in the tea tree oil. Make sure it is evenly soaked before you rub your skin with it. If you have wide stretch marks coverage, use more than one cotton ball.

6. Apply using cotton ball

Once the cotton ball is evenly soaked in the tea tree oil, use it to rub your skin with stretch marks. Do it very gently. Make sure you apply it on all the skin tag area. You can rub it several times to ensure the skin got rubbed with the oil.

7. Leave it

The last thing you have to do is to leave it for few hours until you have a shower. The best time to apply the tea tree oil is in the evening before you go to sleep. This way, you can leave it overnight before you have showered the next morning. With regular use for at least two months, you can see the difference that you have captured on photos of tea tree oil stretch marks before and after.

Compared to other treatments, the tea tree oil for stretch marks is the cheapest treatment. Therefore, there should be nothing for you to worry about to afford this treatment as it is very affordable.

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