How to Stay Healthy on Vacation


Many people escape the cold winter months with a vacation. Although winter getaways should be all about rest and relaxation, decadent meals and late nights out can leave you feeling worse than you did before you left. But with a little planning, you can return home healthy and happy and even hold on to that feeling.

Below are healthy strategies to add to your itinerary in order to stay fit and on your diet when on vacation:

Stay active. Yes, you’re on vacation, so taking a break from your normal excise is expected. However, seek out sightseeing activities that incorporate fitness, like a bike tour, a guided hike, walking along the beach, or skiing. This way you can have fun while sticking to your exercise routing.

Balance indulgences. Overindulging, aka vacation eating, can beat up your immune system and your diet. Instead of gorging yourself, try to balance it out. For example, the morning after a lavish dinner, have a broccoli omelet for breakfast instead of pastries.

Hydrate. Many people forget to drink water as often when they’re on vacation. This leads to all kinds of issues, such as dehydration, which can confuse your body into thinking you’re hungry when you’re really thirsty. If you’re vacationing in a warmer climate, you should be drinking more than you do at home. A great way to stay on top of hydration is to carry a water bottle with you at all times.

Eat smart. Before eating, drink a glass of water. Then begin lunch and dinner with a veggie-filled salad or broth-based soup. These tips can help you consume about 12 percent fewer calories. Throughout the meal drink water, which will help you feel full. Also, when at a restaurant, try not to fall into the trap of appetizer + entree + dessert. Instead, pick a light entree and split either the app or dessert with your group!

Sleep. The sleep cycle is often the first thing to get interrupted by travel, yet it’s the most essential to staying healthy. Pack lavender sachets and sniff them while on the plane or in your hotel — the aroma has been proven to promote relaxation and improve sleep quality.

And don’t forget the last, and most important, step: have fun!

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