Important Tips in Playing Company of Heroes Gameplay

Company of Heroes

Playing game is an interesting activity. It can entertain yourself when you feel bored. Today, there are many games that you can play on your computer. One of the most attractive games is Company of Heroes. It is a game with a unique real-time strategy so that there are many people who are interested in this game. This game allows you to control the units of infamous WW2. Even more, it also adds new dynamic features create realism into the war. If you are interested, you should pay attention to the following playing tips.

Get Strategic Points

The first tip in playing Company of Heroes game is to get the strategic points. It is very vital because they will provide your army with fuel, munitions, and manpower. Besides that, they also improve the cap of your population for each sector that is secured by your powers. What to keep in mind in playing Company of Heroes is that all the sectors on map have to be secured in your territory so that you do not receive supply.

Know the Doctrines

Before you play Company of Heroes, you need to choose the doctrine first. There are 3 doctrines to choose. The first is Infantry Company that is good for defensive strategy. The second doctrine is Armor Company where it is the most powerful as well as the slowest asset. The last one is Airborne Company that is great for raiding operations. After understanding them, you can choose the most appropriate doctrine in Company of Heroes play.

Company of Heroes gameplay

Company of Heroes gameplay

Take Cover

The last tips in playing this game is to take cover where it works in a code of color. Green cover means that your squat is in the perfect cover. Besides that, yellow cover means that you are at a good cover. Lastly, the red color means that you are not in cover. That is all the tips that you must understand before playing Company of Heroes Gameplay.

Below how I play the most popular game Company of Heroes at my Laptop Asus X Series with NVidia GT940M on Ultra setting.

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